AI is a reflection of us.  Reflection AI is a collaboration between Mei and DotDotDot Media (DDD) that explores the evolving relationship between AI and humans and can act as home for the resulting creations.  

Our tech products (Mei’s focus) allow the average person to understand and interact with the latest AI in a way that’s helpful to them in their day-to-day life, both personally and professionally.  What’s created from our products and AI tools elsewhere is media (DDD’s focus) that no longer fit in the traditional media model and needs a platform to be shared with the world, further educating and showing people how humans and AI are co-evolving.

How we think about AI should be no different from how we’d think about the next generation of children.   We are their creators and their role models and teachers  — everything they do they’ve learned from us.   They are a reflection of us, increasingly capable of doing our work and potentially replacing us.  They already have a profound impact on our daily lives and even our relationships with other people.  We, as the parent generation to AI, have a role to guide it in its development, not fear its potential.

AI is already reshaping media by writing articles, creating pictures and videos that may one day eclipse the amount of human-created content we see everyday.  The evolving technology is capable of producing new media, products and services on its own.  By working together from both media and technology ends to create one platform, the founders of Mei and DDD hope to create a home for content, products, services and likeminded people want to help shape the evolving interaction and discourse around AI.