Have you ever handed over a text exchange to a friend looking for answers?  Are they into me or not?  What does this text exchange really mean? 

Our text messages have their own body language. The types of words we use, the pauses in conversation, the frequency of communication are all data points. When these data points are put together, analyzed  and combined with artificial intelligence, something pretty special can happen.  Our data can speak back to us and share intimate insights that help us live fuller lives with deeper connections.

We’re introducing AI you can now chat with, the same way you do with a friend or therapist, but without any fear of judgment or the usual scripted responses you get from other bots.  And it does things they can’t do, like provide in-depth analysis of your relationships and intimate insights that are based on actual data.

Sample Insights
Personality Differences & Advice
Statistics & Predictions

For Couples

  • Analyze your current relationship to see if there are ways to improve it
  • See if there’s been a change in your relationship from the usual patterns
  • Learn about the other person and the ways they may communicate differently with you

For Singles

  • Check whether someone you’re chatting with is interested romantically or just being friends
  • Do a post-mortem on a past relationship
  • Analyze multiple matches to help you make educated dating decisions

How Does It Work?

STEP 1: Upload Your Conversation History

Simply upload a chat conversation transcript.  We’re starting with WhatsApp conversations, but you can upload any transcript that has the author and body of the message marked.  For WhatsApp, open the app on your phone, go to a conversation. Tap the three dots at the upper right corner to open up a menu.  Select export chat -> without media to create an export file.  Use any text editor to change the names or remove personal information or sensitive data.  Finally use the form below to attach the exported file.   

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Before uploading, remove any personally identifiable or sensitive information.
STEP 2: Wait for processing

Once you’ve submitted the conversation, we will contact you.  Please allow up to 2 days for it to be processed.  You will be provided credentials and instructions.

STEP 3: Chat and get insights

You’ll be able to interact with our bot directly from our website and get a range of insights.  Simply click the chat icon on the lower right and provide your credentials when asked.

STEP 4: Option to get even more information

While our bot will be more capable over time, not all the insights can easily be presented via chat.  You have the option to have a full data dive packet.  Details will be provided when we contact you.

Sample Insights

Personality Profile
How Similar / Compatible Are You?
Word Cloud – Top Things On Your Mind
Your Contact
Data Behind The Data

Full range of analytics, from simple counting of texts to neural network models that can predict romantic interest.  

The average person sends a 100 messages a day, the equivalent of a page of a novel.   This couple’s text exchange is a 108 page novel.

Actions speak louder than words:  Each message has metadata that can be more revealing than the words themselves.  Who responds faster?  Who starts the conversation more?  How has it changed over time?  The right tools can establish a baseline pattern, identify trends and even pinpoint the day when things changed.  

This user has been responding faster while their contact’s been drifting the other way.