MemorE (Experimental)

Today, many people pass away leaving their loved ones in a state of grief without a way to deal with this loss.

We are leveraging AI ChatGPT to launch a therapy adjacent chatbot which enables grievers to create a replica and memorialize their lost loved ones but more importantly overcome their sadness/depression.

A simple, supportive approach to recovering from grief.


What is it?

MemorE is a mental health chatbot which enables grievers to create a replica of their lost loved ones in order to overcome their sadness. 


Reflection’s marketing leading Conversational AI platform incorporates natural language processing and generative AI to formulate a connection to your loved one, your community, and trained therapy professionals. 

Our unified platform creates a safe space for talk therapy. 

  • Connection: Work out grief through having an outlet for your emotions
  • Emotional Support: Checks ins to track emotional well being and alert in cases of further depression
  • Community Connection: Add top 3 people you’re closest to in order to chat about your grief experience
  • Therapy Communication: Synchronize with your therapist to get support outside of sessions