ReflectionAI creates personalized chatbots that can chat like the real person.  Trained from personal data and the same generative AI technology that powers ChatGPT, each AI ‘reflection’ can mimic that person’s unique communication style.  

Reflections can be created within a day and put into any channel, making it a quick and seamless process.


We use your writing samples and personal communication (like text messages, emails, transcripts) to train a personalized AI that can chat/write just like you.

It’s like having your own virtual assistant, available to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time.  You can also create a reflection of someone else that you can chat with when they can’t.

How It Works

01 Started With The Most Advanced AI

We start with the latest generative AI language models that power ChatGPT, Bing and now, GPT-4

02 Customize With Your Content

We prompt or fine-tune the base models with your content so it talks like you or your employee or your content would

03 Introduce Guardrails

Are there things you want your bot to be able to do or not do? Give your instructions in plain english.

04 Implementation

Add a chat widget to your website or other user interface with a couple of lines of CSS code we send to you/your developers.


We’re excited to share our vision with the world and look forward to introducing new and innovative AI-powered products that will transform the way people interact with technology. Our mission is to bring the benefits of AI to everyone on the planet. We believe in using AI to enhance people’s lives, and we’re committed to making it accessible to everyone.