We offer anyone the ability to create an AI “reflection” of themselves that can start interacting with the world like they would.  We use the latest generative AI as a foundation and then personalize it using their data.  The reflection can then be used to compose text messages or write like them.


  • A writer uses it to create initial drafts of articles
  • A celebrity creates a reflection of themselves that fans can interact with
  • A media company creates reflections of characters that others can interact with
  • A messaging app user creates reflections of themselves and their contact to practice simulating the conversation
  • An employee uses it to generate reports or presentations
  1. Create a reflection by uploading a collection of your writings  (texts, papers, notes you’ve written)
  2. Once created, you can interact with your reflection from our site
  3. Your reflection bot mimics the type of writing you submitted  
  4. Chat to retrain and further personalize your reflection over time
  5. Take your reflection with you to use on whatever platform you want

Step 1: Upload Your Data

Note your reflection can only do the same task as the type of data you give it. For example, if you upload your past articles, it will draft articles, not text messages.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
.txt files only. Please remove any personally identifiable or sensitive data.

Once you submit your data, we will determine your eligibility and contact you via your email.  If accepted, it takes 1-2 days to create your reflection.